For those of you who are unsure of the rules, it’s simple. There are 25 players, 5 at each position all given dollar values based on their skill. You have $15 dollars to create a starting 5 with the players listed. In this case, I will be creating an all-time Knicks lineup. As everyone knows the Knicks haven’t had the best history, to say the least, but they sure have had some entertaining players. While picking some players over others will definitely be tough my ultimate goal will be to create the best possible lineup, not a lineup filled with my favorite Knicks of all-time.


Point Guard: Jeremy Lin- $2 ($13 Remaining)
Off the bat, I am going with a money-saving move in hopes to have a better team by the end of lineup building. Even though he only spent one season on the Knicks, and was pretty much just pretty good throughout the entire season before he got a bag from the Rockets, Linsanity was one of the most iconic month stretches in recent memory and for a team that really struggled for years, it was a breath of fresh air.

Shooting Guard: JR Smith- $2 ($11 Remaining) 
Another position where I’m on the lower end of spending, but JR is a STEAL at $2. He was at his peak with the Knicks, one of the most electric players in the NBA. From his 6th man of the year award-winning season to his countless celebrations it’s impossible not to love JR Smith and everything he did for the Knicks during the Melo years. Also, “So Right” still bumps.

Small Forward: Bernard King- $4 ($7 Remaining) 
This one was so tough. On one hand, there is Melo, who in my lifetime is the most important Knick, and was an all-star every year he was a Knick. However, it’s a numbers game when building these lineups and to get almost all of the value of Melo for a dollar less I had to go with King. While he did miss some time due to injuries, Bernard King’s photo of him in a crown his probably one of the most iconic photos in Knicks history, and just like Melo he also was a scoring champ while wearing the blue and orange.

Bernard King

Power Forward: David Lee- $2 ($5 Remaining) 
This was one of the easiest decisions for me during this entire lineup building. At his peak with the Knicks, David Lee was an all-star averaging about 20 and 12. Not to mention his buzzer-beater tip-in vs the Bobcats is still one of my favorite plays during the horrid 2000s Knicks years.

Center: Patrick Ewing- $5 ($0 Remaining) 
I mean is there any other option. I had to make sure I still had $5 to spend on Ewing because it would not be an all-time Knicks lineup without him. From the jump, he hit the ground running and at his peak almost brought the Knicks to the promise land. He’s one of the 10 best centers in NBA history and in my opinion, is the greatest New York Knick in history.

Let me know your all-time Knicks starting 5.

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