Kinda random but earlier I was thinking about the greatest players of the past decade or so and I thought of Joe Johnson and stumbled upon his buzzer-beaters from 2007 through the end of his career. In the 2010s there are few players that I would rather have with the ball in their hands with the clock winding down than Iso Joe himself.

It took him years to establish himself in the NBA. He had stops in Boston and Phoenix before Phoenix decided they did not want to pay him and he found his way to Atlanta. There he averaged over 20 points per game and made six straight all-star teams.

Then in the 2012 off-season, when getting ready for their move into Brooklyn the Nets traded for Joe Johnson in what was pretty much a salary dump for the Hawks. Then when Johnson came over the excitement surrounding DWill, Iso Joe, Brook Lopez, and the Nets was undeniable.

While he would only make one more all-star team while in Brooklyn and the Nets failures would soon be overshadowed by going all-in on the Pierce/Garnett trade Iso Joe still had some memorable moments.

Iso Joe also is still a bucket to this day coming off a Big 3 championship in 2019.


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