I’m sure by now everyone is familiar with the 2019 craze of tiering. Well, I found one today that was tiering basketball movies, and I know I have some controversial takes on this topic so I thought I might as well give it a whirl. Now keep in mind there were more movies that were on this tiering list but I only included the movies that I have seen.

Movie Basketball Tiers

S Tier: To start things off Hoosiers has to be in the 1.1 spot. It is an iconic movie, that I’m sure all of us have seen when we were kids and it got us pumped up to go play in the driveway after watching it.  No debate here. The only other movie that could even sniff it in my opinion is White Men Can’t Jump. Nothing says late 80s/early 90s quite like Wesley Snipes and along with the nostalgia and trash talk it is everything I look for when watching a basketball movie from almost 30 years ago.

A Tier: Okay in the A tier we start to see a little more of my bias come into play.
Semi-Pro. Most people probably think that this isnt that great of a movie, but for me when it came out I was 6th grade and it was the first R movie I saw in theaters so there is definitely a lot of nostalgia that comes into play putting it in the A Tier. That along with countless laughs from lines that I would rather not repeat in this blog, Semi-Pro is an all-time classic in my opinion.
He Got Game: The birth of Jesus Shuttlesworth and a nickname that still lives on to this day He Got Game is a movie that withstands the test of time. While I’m pretty sure there were some major recruiting rules, outside of the bribes haha, that were broke in this movie it is still a great time.
Like Mike: Okay I feel like this is my first truly controversial pick of the tier list. For me Like Mike is a better basketball movie than Space Jam sue me. The cameos are better, the end of the movie is more heartfelt and the soundtrack is better. I still remember going to Circuit City after seeing the movie in theaters to get the soundtrack. Also, some great cameos in this movie from AI to Gary Payton and the Dallas Mavs big 3 at the time (Dirk, Steve Nash, and Michael Finley).

B Tier: These are still good movies, but I won’t stop to watch them whenever they are on.
Coach Carter: Coach Carter is one of my favorite movies on this list from a strictly basketball action perspective. Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I didn’t realize until about my third time watching Coach Carter that Channing Tatum is in the movie.
Uncle Drew: Say what you want about Kyrie, but Uncle Drew is an all-time series and character. He the role so well and Nate Robinson and Shaq were also both great in the movie. Along with the acting of known villain Aaron Gordon, Uncle Drew is so unique. Also, any movie that features Cousin Stizz on the soundtrack gets knocked up a few pegs in my book.
Space Jam: I alluded to it when talking about Like Mike, but even though it is below Like Mike, Space Jam is still a solid watch. The soundtrack is solid and any movie that has Lola Bunny is definitely worth a watch. MJ’s acting isn’t great but then again he is working with cartoons so can’t hold it against him too much.

C Tier: Rebound: Okay, Rebound isn’t terrible for what it is, but it isn’t good either. It’s pretty meh. Will I ever watch Rebound again? Eh probably not but if I did stumble upon it I might just to see the scene of The Best Damn Sports Show Period again.

D Tier: These movies are ones that I have a scene or two that I can look back on fondly but they are really not that good.
Air Bud: Maybe it was that my little brother loved this movie so much that I got sick of it, but there really is nothing great about Air Bud. I know it took place in Washington state so the weather is usually pretty gloomy there for the majority of the year but it really doesnt send off good vibes.
The Pistol: From what I remember this was a documentary about Pistol Pete’s life and as a 9-year-old watching this movie for the first time I was so bored. It really brought nothing to the table outside of learning about Pistol Pete and a couple cool dribbling drills.
Like Mike 2: It’s one of the worst sequels I have ever seen.
One on One: Another movie that I saw years ago that was tough watching it in its entirety.

F Tier: Thunderstruck: You think a movie starring Kevin Durant would be awesome, but everything about this movie was BRUTAL. It’s a knockoff of Like Mike and to some extent Space Jam but comes at the worst time possible. A decade after Like Mike so what they are going for has already been done, but too early in the sense that if it was made 5 years later the kid would be a social media sensation. But either way with the acting in this movie who knows if it would even be a passible movie today if it had everything going for it.

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