As someone who isn’t in the weeds as much as other people when it comes to college recruiting this came out of left field for me. Sure, he gave us an hour heads up on his Instagram but he just finished his Sophomore year in High School and is probably the best high school player on the planet right now. You would figure that he would wait to commit but hey from everything that I’ve seen it looks like he is a hometown kid through and through.

While this is a huge get for Michigan State and a feather in their cap when they compare themselves to Michigan, it does remain to be seen if he will ever play collegiate basketball for Tom Izzo and the Spartans.

Being in the class of 2022 you have to figure that the NBA will re-evaluate the one and done rule by then. Or maybe he makes the jump to the G League similar to what Front Office alumni Jalen Green is doing this upcoming season.

In my opinion, chances are that the rule gets abolished and Bates’s Michigan State connection is just like Lebron’s connection to Ohio State. A local kid who wanted to stay home for college, but since he was so good he forewent his collegiate career to enter the NBA draft and go number 1 overall. Maybe just like with Lebron, the NBA will have a trick up their sleeve and the Pistons will obtain the number 1 pick, and Bates can stay home and play in the NBA too. This is probably jumping the gun too much, but man oh man it has been a while since the Pistons have had a team worth watching and Bates along with another top 5 pick or two in the 2020 and 2021 draft would make them an instant must-watch.

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