If you are anything like me you are very intrigued hearing about who the players you watch on the court are off the court. It’s why I’m a huge fan of the GQ Series that they have with Hollywood stars, athletes, social media stars, etc. where they talk about 10 things they can’t live without.

In honor of Bradley Beal deciding that he will not play in Orlando due to injury I thought it was pretty timely to start by breaking down the 10 things he can’t live without.

  • Xbox Controller: Shoutout to all my sports gamers out there. There aren’t many of us exclusive sports gamers left, especially with how the games really don’t change year over year anymore. I always wonder how NBA players pick their team in 2k. Does Beal always play with the Wizards or if he is playing against a teammate do they go with 2/3 randoms and a do or die?
  • Phone: Glad to see Beal is team iPhone. Seeing the green bubble pop up is one of the most infuriating feelings on the planet. I wonder if anyone on the Wizards is team android and the team group chat has green bubbles because of them.
  • Deck of cards: He lost me with the game that he was explaining, but after watching¬†The Last Dance¬†and seeing how often the Bulls players played cards, I have to imagine that it is common for most teams accross not only the NBA but all sports to do the same.
  • Headphones: Some sort of headphones had to be on the list. I don’t know anyone that can go a day without listening to music or podcasts, especially when you are commuting or traveling.
  • iPad: Personally, I have never had use for an iPad, but seeing that it’s smaller than a laptop and NBA players watch so much film I could definitely see how it is a must-have for Brad.
  • Toiletry bag: It seems like every player in the NBA has a Louis Vuitton toiletry bag and it makes sense that thing looks pretty dope and obviously they are on the road so much throughout the season. As someone who doesn’t carry around a toiletry bag when they travel, I should definitely start since quite frankly I usually forget something every time and I never travel! I could only imagine how many things these NBA players would forget if they didn’t have them.
  • Snacks: When Brad showed the Skittles I was getting ready to crown him as the number one Skittles lover across all major sports since Marshawn Lynch retired, but once he chose BBQ chips over Skittles I will have to continue my independent search of the next Skittles ambassador.
  • Wallet: This was one of the moments where I had the thought, “wow, Bradley Beal is just like me! He always makes sure he has his keys, wallet, and cell phone.” Does bring into question where everything is located. Personally, I’m a big left pocket wallet and keys, right pocket cell phone guy.
  • Air Force Ones: “give me two pairs. cause I need two pairs. So I can get to stompin’ in my Air Force Ones”. One of the most iconic shoes of all-time, which tbh I feel like would not be as popular today if Nelly didn’t release that hit in 2002.
  • Outfits: For the better part of the past 20 years we have seen NBA players with crazy outfits, however, Brad Beal is not one of them. Nothing but respect though cause he still puts out some strong looks.
    NBA Style: Bradley Beal In Balmain Tretch Cotton Fustian Jeans And ... My Game-Day Style: Bradley BealNBA - Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards | Facebook

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