After the love the Brad Beal GQ 10 Things Breakdown got I thought it was only right to continue the series with one of my personal favorite players in the NBA, Klay Thompson.

If you know Klay Thompson, you know he is always sending out positive vibes and this video is no different.

  • Rocco: Klay obviously starts if it off with his dog, Rocco. I mean we can talk for hours about Klay’s best friend for hours, but to put it simply this might be the only duo to top the splash brothers.
  • KT Line sneakers: Having your own line of sneakers must be so cool, even if it isn’t with one of the major brands. The bag and tour around China to go along with the sneakers doesn’t hurt either. Huge shoutout to China Klay circa 2017.
  • Golf clubs: Just like numerous current and former NBA players Klay loves to golf. And it makes sense, it’s a great way to spend some time outside, crack open a few cold ones with the boys and enjoy a beautiful day.
  • Headphones: Just like Brad Beal, Klay has headphones on the list. Obvious reasoning behind this as a guy that is always traveling or on the court practicing. Also, great plug by Klay here. Bose definitely needs to pay him for that.
  • Book: Reading is always a breath of fresh air. As someone who has recently gotten back into reading it is a great way to escape from the normal routine of going laptop to phone to TV back to phone. Glad to see Klay has the hard copy with him because nothing can ever replace the feel of the physical book.
  • Boat: Klay Thompson having a boat is something that just makes him so much cooler. Traveling around the coast and going to Catalina (you know a Step Brothers reference is coming) is the epidemy of relaxation and good vibes. Also, I know for a fact Klay has an in-depth plan when the zombie apocalypse comes.
  • Watches: Nothing says I’m adult quite like a nice watch. And it doesn’t need to be an expensive watch, but I’m also not talking about the digital watches or the Timex watches that were hot on the streets in the early 2000s or the G-Shocks that made a run in the early 2010s.
  • Chess Set: Similar to Klay, my family is big on playing chess. It’ll always come out around the holidays, but unlike Klay I AM TRASH. As for the set that Klay has that is such a dope gift from a fan. I’m sure celebrities get some bizarre gifts from fans, but for Klay to get something that he can travel with and get a ton of use out of from a fan that is so awesome.
  • Backpack: A backpack is another obvious essential that I hope most of us have not only for when we travel but for our daily commute as well. But unlike my Herschel backpack, Klay’s actually has some meaning behind it. Klay being able to go home to LA to play in the All-Star game talk about a Hollywood story.
  • Socks: Sock trends are wild man. I feel like way back when it was all about the plain white crew socks, then the Fab Five made the black Nike socks cool.
    Fab Five: Black Socks, Hip-hop, and High-Tops Change the NBA ...
    Then ankle socks had their run. Then Nike Elite socks came around, and mothers everywhere were flabbergasted at the idea of paying $12 for a pair of socks, and now Stance socks seem to be the move.
  • Flippers: It wouldn’t be a Klay Thompson video without something out of the ordinary happening and here are these Donald Duck like flippers. I’ve never gone deep sea diving so I have no say how much or how little they help so I’ll just take Klay’s word for it since he seems to know his way around the water. Klay probably looks wack wearing these but you know if there is someone who could not care less it is Klay Thompson.


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