BASKETBALL IS BACK. That is something I really didn’t see happening for awhile yet here we are. And a few hours into the restart an unlikely rookie took the twitter world by storm.

At last years draft everyone knew Zion was going to go one, Ja was going to go two and RJ was going to go three, but after that no one knew what was going to happen and for a guy like Bol Bol that could have meant going at the tail end of the first round, or at some point in the second round. He ended up sliding to the Miami Heat at pick 44 but was later traded to the Denver Nuggets.

Given his height and skill set he was the ultimate lottery ticket, especially at that time in the draft and for the Nuggets to ONLY give up cash for him it was well worth it from the moment the trade was finalized.

Fast forward 13 months into the future, and Bol Bol in his first glimpse of NBA action showed the world what he is capable of on the basketball court.

Obviously, a great first day at the office for Bol Bol, and the NBA thought it was too great.

Whenever a league decides to drug test a player after a game it means they did something right. In baseball back in 2017 Eric Thames of the Milwaukee Brewers hit 11 home runs in the first month back in the MLB after spending three seasons in Korea and the MLB decided to “randomly” test him three times in ten days. Similar to Thames I’m sure there were low expecations for Bol Bol by people around the NBA given that he was a second round pick, who doesn’t have enough weight to be successful in the NBA and who hasn’t played professional basketball yet. But when he shadered those expectations they thought “something” had to be going on and there was another reason why he was playing so well other than his skills.

Anyway, I’m not sure what it means for Bol Bol going forward, but what I do know is that there are 29 other teams that could be kicking themselves a few years from now if Bol Bol is able to sustain even a fraction of this success during his time in the NBA.

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