It has long been rumored but early this afternoon it was finally annouced. Tom Thibodeau will be the next head coach of the New York Knicks.

While this might not be the best move when it comes to attracting star free agents given Thibs recent track record with young, all-star level players, he will provide two much needed attributes to the Knicks organization. Culture and stability.

Perk is right here. While Thib’s tenure ended rocky in Minnesota a couple of years ago and it was a catalyst in whole KAT/Wiggins vs Jimmy Butler saga, he did bring them to the playoffs in 2018 for the first time since 2004, which was the longest streak at the time in the NBA.

Throughout Thibs time in Chicago his play style defined that Bulls for the first half of the 2010’s and quite frankly they have not been the same since. In Thibs 5 seasons with the Bulls he had a .647 win percentage, saw hometown hero Derrick Rose win MVP, Joakim Noah win a defensive player of the year award and let the Bulls to one conference finals appearance and two conference semi-finals appearances.

Thib’s will also bring stability to the Knicks. Since 2014 the Knicks have had four full-time head coaches (this does not include Mike Miller who was the interm head coach after Fizdale was fired last season) and not a single coach has posted a win percentage above .367. Granted they have not have had the best players on the roster but to be that bad is inexcusable.

While Thibs play style might not be favorable to super star free agents, the Knicks haven’t been able to attract a super star free agent, even when two were seen as shoe-in’s by many. Sure, that might have just been the New York media and fans hyping up the Knicks, but either way they chose playing for the Nets over the Knicks so New York was the destination in mind. Personally, the Knicks have been so embarrassing so for years that I value consistency and a couple playoff appearances with a homegrown core, under the radar free agent signings and trades. Rather than seeing a 25 win team put all their hope and energy into signing a superstar that ultimately decides to play for a team that is competent.

Lets just hope Thibs gives minutes to Frank and maybe he can unleash something in Dennis Smith that no one has been able to do so far. Ultimately, I think it will work out as long as the young guys get minutes and he doesn’t decide to play guys 45 mins a game like it seemed like he did in Chicago.

But at the very least Thibs will bring 90s style of basketball to The Garden and to that all I can say is KNICKS BASKETBALL IS BACK.

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