With the NBA starting up again Thursday night, I wanted to make a FanDuel lineup for the first real night of basketball in quite some time.

PG: Alex Caruso, $3,500

I’m going with a budget pick right here. With Rajon Rondo out, Caruso could be playing some big minutes for the Lakers. Although Caruso probably won’t put up any massive numbers, I think he will be solid.

PG: Reggie Jackson, $3,800

Another budget play, but I think Reggie will get a lot of playing time and do well during it. With Lou Williams, Monterzell Harrell, and maybe Patrick Beverly out, Reggie could be a big player in the Clippers offense. Also, the Lakers are a bit thin at PG so he could have a favorable matchup.

SG: Donovan Mitchell, $7,200

Donovan Mitchell will probably have more of the scoring load fall on him with Bojan Bogdanović out. Although Donovan has a tough matchup with Jrue Holiday likely guarding him, I think his diverse game of scoring, passing, and rebounding will give him a nice performance fantasy wise.

SG: Josh Hart, $4,400

Josh Hart is cheap and should be able to get a decent amount of playing time. He is a good shooter who will knock down the open shot and can rebound at a high level for his size. I don’t think he will have any crazy numbers, but he should be solid.

SF: LeBron James, $11,400

I had to go with the King here. LeBron is, in my opinion, the best all-around player in the league. He can score, pass, rebound, and defend at a high level. I know he is expensive, but he could explode on Thursday night and really help propel this lineup.

SF: Kawhi Leonard, $9,500

I know Kawhi has not performed very well during the scrimmages, but it’s Kawhi, and I trust him to turn things around when the games really matter. Kawhi is a great scorer and is a monster on the defensive end. With many key players not playing for the Clippers, I expect Kawhi to have an increased workload and hopefully put up some insane numbers.

PF: Zion Williamson, $7,100

Hopefully, Zion plays. He is currently questionable as he just got out of quarantine on Tuesday. If Zion plays, I think he will be his dominant self that we have seen so far this year. Zion is my only big-name Pelicans player, so if he booms, I don’t need to worry about him taking away from someone else in my lineup.

PF: Kyle Kuzma, $4,700

I am going with Kyle Kuzma, which is an inexpensive choice. Kuzma is a bucket and has the potential for a big game. At a low price, I see this as a very low-risk high reward addition to the lineup.

C: Rudy Gobert, $8,200

Rudy Gobert is a player who can fill up the stat sheet. He will score a decent amount as well as rebound and protect the rim. It is unlikely that Gobert will have an insane amount of fantasy points, but I expect him to give me an above-average performance.

Field Goal Made: 2 Points
Three-Point Field-Goal Made: 1 Point in addition to the 2 points for a field goal made
Assist: 1.5 Points
Block: 3 Points
Free Throw Made: 1 Point
Rebound: 1.2 Points
Steal: 3 Points
Turnover: -1 Point

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