The coolest thing about the NBA bubble down in Disney is the pop-up barbershop that they recently built in less than a few weeks time. It gives off heavy NBA 2K Neighborhood vibes and any 2K stan will tell you that. We all saw first hand with the pandemic that it may not be ideal but it is possible to go months without a haircut, but these NBA stars are different, they care so much about their hair dos that they are known to get their haircut almost once a week. But then again why not keep your hair looking fresh if you have professional athlete money and you are on TV almost every night for 8 months. The bubble barbershop goes hand in hand with the saying “LOOK good, FEEL good, FEEL good, PLAY good, PLAY good, PAY good.

Now most NBA players have their own personal barbers that they use. They feel so guilty cheating on their barbers that they go to great lengths to fly them barbers from anywhere to anywhere just so they can look fresh for a Saturday night ABC game. Considering they are living in a bubble for a few months and obviously no one outside of NBA employees are allowed in or out of the bubble, this is the first time in their careers that they wont be allowed to get diced up by their personal barbers. So, how are they picking the barbers for the bubble barbershop? well that’s what I am here to tell you.

The NBA gave Will Rondo the keys to the kingdom for this one. He is the man tasked to find the 6 best barbers for this bubble. Outside of the NBA community not too many people are familiar with Rondo. Will Rondo is the brother of Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo, but that isn’t the only thing he is known for. He is the NBA’s top concierge. Will has been on the NBA scene just as long as his brother, right when Rajon got drafted to the Boston Celtics, Will moved with him from Kentucky so he can help Rajon adjust to the city of Boston and the lifestyle of an NBA player. Other players on the Celtics saw what Will was doing for his brother and how much of a help he was that they wanted him to start doing the same thing for them. this led all the way to him building up his own concierge empire called “Superior Global Travel & Concierge Services” where he not only helps NBA players but celebrities and other athletes as well.

How Rajon Rondo's Big Brother Became the NBA's Go-To Concierge

The NBA asked Rondo to pool together a list of 50 barbers, so he went around and made some calls to some of the players in the bubble and they gave their insight on who they think would be a good fit. Then of those 50 barbers he was tasked to cut the list down to only 6. The 6 barbers hit the jackpot with this one, as they are now cutting the hairs of NBA stars that they have idolized for years, also they will be making a lot more money than they were when cutting non NBA players hair. These NBA guys will pay pretty much any amount of money to keep their hair fresh as they sometimes spend close to $200 per haircut and if some players are getting haircuts once a week (sometimes even more often) that is a huge increase in the bank account.

Prior to the barbershop being built the players would cut their hair themselves or have teammates do it, so I’m sure they are very ecstatic to be going from that to the top tier barbers they are used to. 76ers forward Tobias Harris couldn’t wait to for the bubble barbershop to be up and running that he had teammate Joel Embiid give him his most recent cut because the shop wasn’t open yet. If you go to his Instagram you can see that Embiid actually did a rather stellar job with the cut and is keeping his boy looking fresh with a clean shape-up and a nice fade, but he is nowhere near the skill level of the 6 barbers that were invited to the bubble.

So next time you go to the barber and show them a picture of your favorite NBA players hair and tell them this is exactly what you want, and it looks fresh, you can thank Will Rondo for that one.

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