One of the more underrated moves made last summer was the Pacers acquiring TJ Warren and the 32nd pick in the 2019 draft for cash considerations. So basically the Suns gave up a pick and TJ Warren for cap space, which they then used to trade for Aron Baynes, Ty Jerome, resign Kelly Obure and sign Ricky Rubio. So the Pacers really just made out like bandits because the new Suns regime had different ideas for their team going forward.

Warren has started every game he has played in for the Pacers this season and has averaged just over 19 points a game. Very very solid.

But then last night something amazing happened. Warren was on fire.

Just bucket getting at its finest. As a reminder the guys that play in the NBA are the best basketball players on the planet and it should really come as no shock when they do drop 50+ in a game. I truly believe the majority of NBA players are capable of dropping 30, 40 or even 50 points in a game if they get the opportunity to do so.

Now this should definitely not take away from how impressive the feat that TJ Warren accomplished is. Last night he scored the third points points in a single game in Pacers history. And he is one of THREE players since 2010 to score 50+ points in a game while taking five or less free throws.

Warren has developed nicely over his six seasons in the NBA and over the last two has turned into a formidable 3 point shooter. When he got drafted he was more of an old school bucket-getter. Averaging about 25 points a game at NC State but a lot of those points came from at the rim or mid-range. It wasn’t until recently that Warren developed a 3 point shot and at only 26 he still has a lot left in the tank, and contrary to popular belief will continue to develop.

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