The other night I was lying in bed, and I stumbled across some Tyler Herro high school videos on YouTube, and let’s just say they were insane. Back in high school, Tyler still had the swagger he has in the league today. He would talk to the camera, and even give a little smirk and laugh when he knows he’s about to cook someone who is guarding him. He would get double-teamed, and the crowd would chant, “Overatted,” but he never let that get to him. It seems he did the complete opposite. Tyler would not back down and would continue to dominate.

One of the things I loved about Tyler when he was in high school is that although he was all for trash-talking, he never let it go too far to the point where he would be disciplined for it. He would bump shoulders with the opponent when running back on defense, and if they tried to escalate the situation, Tyler would just put his hands in the air and walk away. I feel like walking away shows the other team that they can’t get to him, and no matter what they do or say, he won’t let that affect how he plays.

Tyler was a dominant scorer in high school, but he could also pass and rebound at a high level. When he would get double-teamed, Tyler would find the open man and not try to force his shot. There would be times where he would miss a shot and get his own rebound two or three times. He would defend hard and even contest some players at the rim, where he would get the best of them, most of the time. This shows Tylers mentality of always going after it. I’m sure being a Kentucky commit and a bucket on the offensive end would give him some room to take a bad shot while being double-teamed, or take a break on the defensive end, but Tyler wanted to go out there and compete as hard as he could for the entire game. He didn’t want to take possessions off and slack, Tyler was there to absolutely dominate.

Tyler’s high school clips are insane, and you can tell that he has been a problem well before he entered the league.

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