So yeah that happened. Who is to say if it is legit, but if you are the Pistons what do you have to lose? Your best player is Christian Wood and you are paying Tony Snell over $11 million per year through the 2020-2021 season, assuming he opts into the final year of his contract. That’s enough Pistons slander because they just so happen to be the team that is offering him a chance to make his lifelong dreams a reality.

Now while this would be a publicity stunt in 99.9% of cases, J. Cole is different. Starting when he was high school he developed over his 4 years to the point where he had the talent to play in college, and according to an interview with Sports Illustrated he thought he was talented enough to make a roster.

I wasn’t the star player, far from it, but my growth was so quick that by the time I was a freshman in college I had the talent of someone that should have at least been on the bench at a D-I school.

However, rather than pursuing his hoop dreams he traveled to Queens to attend St. John’s on an academic scholarship and peruse his music career.

And that was definitely the right move because did you know that he went platinum with no features?!?!?! All Jokes aside he is a super talented artist, obviously, and he is still really really good at basketball too.

Pure! One of the better looking jumpers in the game from a non-basketball player. Has some handles too. And he’s definitely quick enough even in his mid-30’s now. Oh and not to mention he even has his own shoe deal.

Keep in mind this was a 27 year old J. Cole, not a 34 year old J. Cole like we saw last year at the dunk contest in Charlotte.


At least his jumper is still wet to his day.

In all honesty he is definitely too old now, because at 35 I really don’t think even a training camp is in the card, but in his prime, if he fully committed himself to basketball there is little doubt in my mind that he could have at least played in the G-League if not gotten some run in the NBA.

However, that does not mean that he or anyone should ever stop dreaming.

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