Okay so the NBA playoff brackets are officially set and we are going to get the match up I was hoping for since about January. Blazers vs Lakers. If you know me you know I would love nothing more than the mayhem of the Blazers beating the Lakers, but can it happen? Never say never, but realistically I have to go Lakers in 6. The Lakers will have an off game where the Blazers take advantage and maybe the Blazers outplay the Lakers in one. So saying Lakers take the series in 6 is probably the most realistic outcome.

It’s hard to bet against a team that a top 3 player in the NBA right now, and Lebron James. This is probably the first time in Lebron’s career where he is not the best player on his team so that’s a dangerous team given how Lebron always seems to turn on a switch come playoff time.

However, this wont stop me from banging the Blazers in 7 drum.

Simply put the Blazers have talent that the Grizzlies dont to make this a series.

Dame was name the unanimous bubble MVP

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Blazers also have shooters like Gary Trent and to some extent Carmelo Anthony. They also have the size to match the Lakers with Jusuf Nurkic and Hassan Whiteside.

Will it be enough to stop AD, Lebron and the Lake Show? Probably not. But keep in mind this is a team that is firing on all cylinders in the bubble, and they were in the Western Conference Finals last year so I have a hard time completely counting them out.

Dame over his career has been very vocal that he wants to be a Blazer for life and getting to see him shine in a rather small market is always awesome. He wants to win there and nothing would be better for basketball than a Cinderella story Blazers team winning it all.

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