1st Seed, Milwaukee Bucks Vs. 8th Seed, Orlando Magic

Prediction: Bucks win in five games.

This Bucks team is way better than the Orlando Magic, but the Bucks have not been playing their best basketball as of late. With a lousy 3-5 bubble record, the Bucks have not looked like one of the title favorites they looked like prior to the season being suspended. On the other side, the Magic haven’t looked that great either, going 3-5 in the bubble as well and losing five of their last six games. I expect the Bucks to make a deep run in the playoffs, but it might take them a few games to really get back into championship-level form.

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2nd Seed, Toronto Raptors Vs. 7th Seed, Brooklyn Nets

Prediction: Raptors win in four games.

I know that this Nets team has been playing great in the bubble, but so have the Raptors. The Nets finished 5-3 in the bubble and were led by Guard, Caris LeVert. The Raptors went 7-1 in the bubble and were led by basically everyone on their roster. They have two 2020 all-stars, but their team is so well rounded that you don’t know who their leading scoring is going to be. I know it is very hard to sweep a team, but this Raptors roster is far and away superior to the Nets, and the Raptors have the better coach.

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3rd Seed, Boston Celtics Vs. 6th Seed, Philadelphia 76ers

Prediction: Celtics win in six games.

With no Ben Simmons, things for the 76ers are not looking good. The 76ers were already playing lackluster throughout the year with Simmons, and now with him out, I cannot see this team getting past the Celtics. The 76ers do have a huge matchup advantage with Joel Embiid down low, but I don’t think that is enough to win them the entire series. On the other hand, the Celtics have the advantage in almost every other aspect of the game. The Celtics have great perimeter play, a solid defense, and an elite mid-range player in Jayson Tatum.

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4th Seed, Indiana Pacers Vs. 5th Seed, Miami Heat

Prediction: Heat win in six games.

The Pacers and the Heat are close in skill, but I think the Pacers are missing that star player. Yeah, they have T.J. Warren, who has been on a tear in the bubble, and former all-star, Victor Oladipo, but I don’t think either of those guys are on the same level as Jimmy Butler. Both teams have solid role players, but I think the star power of the Heat will propel them to a series win. When it comes time to make the big plays, Jimmy Butler will be there to make them for the Miami Heat.

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