Well this came out of left field. Steve Nash is now the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets and I’ll tell you what, I’m pumped.

Depending on who you ask Steve Nash is either underrated or overrated. I really don’t think anyone thinks he is properly rated, but that does not take away from the fact that the dude is a 2x MVP and a hall of fame point guard. Sure, this does nothing for him when he’s calling x’s and o’s but to gain the respect of the players I believe it does a lot. And especially when it comes to coaching superstars like Kyrie and KD. Chances are Steve Nash was their pick to be the head coach and that is why the move was made. Maybe part of it could also have had to do with the salary demands of Ty Lue, but either way KD and Kyrie definitley signed off on this hire.

Personally, I see Nash having a coaching style similar to Steve Kerr where he is a laid back guy who is a great mentor to the players, a calming influence and at the end of the day will let them go out and do their thing.

Anyway, enough with the x’s and o’s, lets dive into everything Steve Nash brings to the table.

He’s probably one of the first small school point guards to make it big. I’m sure most people have no idea where Steve Nash even went to college. Tbh I’m sure there is no one that would be less recognizable than a young Steve Nash.

Biggest What-If's in Recent NBA History | 360 SPORTS

As far as I remember he is one of the original guys that Knicks fans photo shopped into a Knicks jersey. If I remember correctly the biggest gripe New York sports fans had during Summer ’12 was that the wrong Nash would be playing his home games at MSG (NHL star Rick Nash signed with the Rangers).

One of the coolest assist men in Slam Dunk Contest history. People forget that Nash grew up playing soccer in Canada.

He was an icon in Phoenix. No one gave the desert Suns fever quite like Nash.

Nash finished up his NBA career with the Lakers and it wasnt pretty but at least we got this delight of a Sports Illustrated cover.

Did Laker fans make a photoshop of "Now This Is Going To Be Fun" cover with  LeBron and JaVale? : nba

And of course there are Vice Sports interviews with KD and Nash

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