Prior to the 2020 NBA playoffs, Jamal Murray was looked at by most as a solid Point Guard who still has room to grow. After the first round and two games of the second round, everyone’s perception of the Nuggets Point Guard has changed.

After winning game one of their first-round series against the Utah Jazz, the Denver Nuggets went on to lose the next three games and were facing elimination. Jamal Murray was great in game one, scoring 36 points, but in the following two games, he looked average. Game four of the series is where Jamal took off, and he began to show the dominance that he is capable of. Jamal scored a career-high 50 points in game four while grabbing eleven rebounds, dishing out seven assists, and hitting nine three-pointers.

With the Nuggets now down 3-1, Jamal decided to take matters into his own hands and will his team to victory. In game five, Jamal put up 42 points and was an absolute monster closing out the game. With the Nuggets up by five points with under three minutes remaining, Jamal Murray called for an iso in three straight possessions. The first two ended in a bucket from Murray, and the final one ended in Utah bringing a double team and Murray finding a wide-open Nikola Jokic in the corner to hit a three-pointer that put the Nuggets up nine.

In game six, Murray once again had a 50 point performance. He again hit nine threes, including two late in the fourth quarter that put the game away and forced a game seven. His game six performance was heroic, and with that, it was clear that Jamal Murray is no longer a solid Point Guard, but is now an all-star level, star, Point Guard.

The Nuggets ended up winning that series in seven and are currently tied 1-1 in their second-round series with the Clippers. Jamal had a great game in the Nuggets game two win against the Clippers, hitting a clutch three late to seal the deal.

Jamal Murray has been the best player on the Nuggets so far in the playoffs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was not just a hot streak, but the new Jamal Murray. This leap from Murray is going to propel the Nuggets for the years come, and don’t be surprised if you see him in some upcoming all-star games.

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