Color me surprised. The Lakers are going to the NBA Finals. As much as I wanted to see the Nuggets in the finals, the deck was clearly stacked against them when they are facing two of the top five players in the NBA in one series. I can also go off on multiple hour long tangents on how the NBA was going to do whatever it took to get the Lakers to the finals (and probably win the finals), but after winning in five it really is not worth my time at this moment.

Anthony Davis and Lebron were both outstanding in this series, and truth be told I did not watch too much of this series so I really have no leg to stand on in regards to how every player on the Lakers looked so I’ll reserve my judgement on the rest of the team.

This really shouldn’t come as a shock that the Lakers are in this position, given the fact that they have two of the top five players in the NBA, loads of veteran depth, a good coaching staff, had a relatively easy path to the finals and probably championship. However, it is still really impressive that they did all this without a legit third option. Kyle Kuzma is nothing more than an average NBA player and the fact that they have made it to the finals with him as their perceived third option just goes to show how important it is to have stars on your roster.

We’ve seen it throughout the entirety of the playoffs. When it matters most the stars have come out to play and are the reason why teams have won and lost. The Bucks do not have another true star outside of Giannis and they couldn’t get past the second round. Paul George showed us that he really isnt a star and they crumbled in the second round as well. Damian Lillard got hurt and from that moment on the Blazers had a negative % chance against the Lakers. The Sixers lost Simmons and then got swept by the Celtics. I can go on for days, but you get the point. It’s a star driven league and when you don’t have enough star power, your stars don’t all show up or they get hurt, you do not stand a chance.

Moving forward I fully expect the Lakers to come out on top in the Finals, whether that is because of the NBA’s decisions or if they are simply more talented, that remains to be seen, but I will dive deeper into this once the winner of the Heat/Celtics series is crowned.

I am interested to see how much of an impact this has on Lebron’s legacy. Personally, I believe that this finals series has the opportunity to do more bad than good. Not by any stretch does this mean he should have folded and not have made it this far, but the potential of going 3-7 in the finals and losing to the worst team he has ever faced in the finals is something that I don’t think he can ever recover from. And if he does win I don’t see the fourth ring as something that has a huge impact on his legacy other than he would then be one ring closer to six. If you think he is the greatest of all-time then you already believe that and nothing will change that, if you don’t he is head and shoulders below MJ because he is a few rings off, one MVP off, many scoring titles and a defensive player of the year award off. It’s so much to overcome from that aspect that this title, regardless of what the media tells you does not mean that much.

Any way, good for the Lakers. It is still weird seeing Rondo in a Lakers jersey. Also, I really can’t think of any other videos to throw in here so here’s Dwight Howard highlights from his first run on the Lakers back in 2012-2013.

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