Sunday night we saw the Miami Heat close out the Boston Celtics in the sixth game of the Eastern Conference Finals. Hand up, I was wrong. I said Celtics in 7, and I apologize. Here at the Front Office we are accountable for our mistakes, and that is something I will never fail to take blame for. The Heat showed heart and they are moving on for the first time since 2014, to the NBA finals.

While a lot has changed since the 2013-2014 Heat team played against the Spurs in the Finals, but there has been one constant and that is Erik Spoelstra as the head coach.

I think this series confirmed it for me, Spoelstra is the second best coach in the NBA behind Pop. We have come a long way from Spo being known as either the puppet behind Pat Riley and/or nothing without Lebron. And even a longer way since Spo was the video coordinator for the Heat.

Spo started with the Heat in 1997, many years before Tyler Herro was even born. And what Spo has been able to do with not only this Heat team, but with the entire franchise (by Pat Riley’s side of course) is remarkable.
This will be his fifth NBA finals appearance as a head coach, as this time he will face up against the guy who he coached the first four times in Lebron James.

While I do think on paper the Lakers are more talented because of their top two guys. I REFUSE to sleep on the Miami Heat.

It starts with the guy who decided to “chase the bag” in the summer of 2019, in Jimmy Butler.

Butler is one of the hardest working players in the NBA, and I think he wants this ring more than anyone else in this series. AD and Lebron are for sure better players but neither of them come close to the heart that Jimmy has.

Butler has faced a lot of critisim since he left the Bulls in 2017 for anything ranging from how bad of a teammate he is to how he does not want to win since he only cares about the money. And I truly believe that both of those are completely false.

He’s surely a great teammate and a leader.

Jimmy has his mindset and wants everyone else to have similar mindset when they play, this is why Miami was the perfect destination for Butler. Sure, the money helps, but it’s all about finding the organization that has the same mindset and beliefs as you. The Heat expect perfection from all of their players and expect them to get into world class shape when they put on the Miami Heat uniform.
It’s part of the reason why they have been so successful in the development department. Undrafted players like Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn put their faith into the Heat coaching staff and this year it certaintly has paid off.

Anyway, enough love right now for Jimmy Butler, but I would really love nothing more than to see him get a ring. He deserves it. Especially, after the heartbreaking loss against Toronto last year.

Now I think a lot, and by a lot I mean like 95% of people will be picking the Lakers in this series, and that’s cool go for it. The Heat have been slept on all year and will be slept on again.

Sure, they dont have a top 5 player in the NBA to fully match up against AD and Lebron, but they do have Jimmy Butler and he fully believes he’s the best player on the court at all times. FEARLESS

Bam is one of the more talented young big men in the NBA and can potentially be a match up nightmare for the Lakers given his size, play-making ability and athleticism.

Dragic is as steady as they come running the point guard position. A true professional, and while I do think at times Rondo was able to take advantage of the inexperience of the Nuggets, Dragic will not let that happen.

Herro is a bucket, and can light it up any given night.

Duncan Robinson is one of the best shooters in the NBA, and it would not surprise me to see a 2013 Danny Green-esque series out of him.

They also have key veteran pieces like Jae Crowder and Iggy who will give them another couple guys to rely on when they need a stop or some leadership on the court.

I know it’s crazy, but right now I’m all in on the Heat winning in 7.

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