It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we get to start off our Sunday with the defending NBA champs making a move for an elite sixth man.

When I first learned about the move I reached out to respected member of The Front Office and known Lebron fan Anthony Hector for his instant trade analysis. Personally, I completely agree with Ant here. It’s a solid pickup but for the Lakers but I don’t think it’s really groundbreaking. They get their surefire third best player, which allows Kuzma to slide into that 4th best player role where I do think he fits a lot better.

However, losing Danny Green hurts a lot more than people realize. Green is still one of the best 3 & D guys in the NBA even after a down 19-20 season. It’ll be interesting to see how they are able to fill the void that he leaves. Maybe a guy like Wayne Ellington in a trade with the Knicks would be a good fit, or maybe you just bring back KCP now. Either way I think they’ll be able to figure it out.

Now this is complete speculation on my part, but I was also expected more of a splash from the Lakers with their trade. Schroder is better than Derrick Rose but not nearly as good as Demar Derozan. Throwing a potential third team all-nba guy on this Lakers roster would have made them the clear favorites in the 20-21 season but this does not. Still a great move, but not something that would leave me sarcastically saying “How much help does Lebron need?!?”

As for the Thunder they add another first round pick to their treasure chest of assets. This first round pick could be anything and for the Thunder they get a cheap player that they can pick and is cost controlled for the next 4 seasons. Danny Green is also still a great 3 & D guy that will have trade value down the road for the Thunder.

I was however expecting more from a Dennis Schroder package for the Thunder. Like a young guy that has a year or two left on his rookie deal that has underperformed so far in his career. Like a Dennis Smith Jr. type from the Knicks but I guess the offer wasn’t there.

This trade is a win for both teams but really it should leave both fan bases wanting more from both of their teams.

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