I know the draft was a week ago now, but I am still in shock that Myles Powell had to hear sixty other names be called before he signed as an undrafted player with the Knicks.

He’s one of the best players in Seton Hall history and his accolades rival any player in college basketball over the past decade, but yet he went undrafted. Overseas guys that no one has ever heard of, meh college players that have good measurables, all go but no Myles Powell. It’s definitely some Seton Hall bias, but he’s a bucket and if there is anyone that I have confidence in giving me a bucket it’s Myles.

Although it is a shame he did go undrafted there is one major benefit to going undrafted and that is that you get to pick where you want to play. We saw this with Fred Vanvleet in 2016 when he told teams not to pick him in the second round, and chose to sign with the Raptors and that has led him to making over $100 million in his NBA career. Thankfully, Myles did end up in a situation where he will probably be able to crack the rotation. Sure, he’s not a shoe-in given how many guys the Knicks have at the guard position after the first few days of free agency and the draft, but I highly doubt anyone is as hungry as Myles.

While there are knocks against Myles, it’s a shooters league and there are very few people on the planet that can shoot and score like Myles. Sure, the field goal percentage is not what you would like to see from a college player that is trying to take that next step into the NBA, but he was Seton Hall and he was asked to do everything for a Pirates team that year after year has been one of the more consistent teams in college basketball over the past five seasons. The only other knock I could see someone making would be his lack of playmaking ability at his height. He’s more of a two guard, but we have seen over the past five or so years undersized guards with a lack of playmaking still get a lot of run in the NBA and can put together a solid NBA career. Look at guys like Seth Curry and Quinn Cook, sure they were more efficient shooters in college, but they also had a lot more talent around them at Duke. They both have put together solid NBA careers after going undrafted, and Seth Curry has quickly become one of the best shooters on the planet.

I fully expect Myles to have a similar like career, and the fact that it is going to at least start with the Knicks is incredible. The Knicks have a history of having successful undrafted undersized players put together impressive runs with the Knicks and NBA careers in general. Guys like Jeremy Lin and John Starks come to mind as guys who took Manhattan by storm, and became Knicks legends, or in Jeremy Lin’s case had a good year with the Knicks and then got the bag elsewhere.

This video has me ready to run through a wall, and quite frankly now I am expecting him to be the next Knicks fan favorite. Idk what it was that sent me over the edge. Him shooting in an empty gym is always soothing, the classic Seton Hall shorts are always a beautiful sight. But hearing Jay-Z in the background made it really real for me. Whenever I hear Jay-Z I get that extra pep in my step. Side note: The Blueprint 3 is one of the greatest albums of all-time.

Myles is staying home and once fans are allowed back in arenas he is going to have The Garden buzzing. Sure, he might have to spend some time dropping 30 a night for Westchester Knicks, but his time will come with the Knicks and I promise he will not disappoint.

All I ask for is to see Spike getting hyped up after a clutch three while rocking a Myles Powell Seton Hall jersey. It is going to be a dream come true, and I cannot wait to see his career progress. And make sure you get your ticket on Myles Powell bandwagon, because we’ll be leaving the station soon and our conductor CJ won’t be making any stops.

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