Last night was opening night in the NBA and for most of the players around the NBA this means that it’s now time to only focus on basketball and family until a vaccine gets rolled out since one slight hiccup could lead to a mess of a situation for them, their team and the entire NBA.

However, James Harden did not get the memo. Harden has been the victim of the internet a lot over the years, and more than anyone else this month. From the unflattering pictures of him during warm-ups to last night hitting the gentleman’s club with some pals. While I do think it would be more than fair for James Harden to get upset about the leaking of the videos, we are amidst a pandemic so it would be in everyone’s best interest that he does not play if he is exposing himself outside of arenas. And I am going to go on the record and say James Harden knows this and is leaking the footage himself in hopes that he can get out of Houston within the next week or two.

Harden, since becoming the face of the Rockets back in 2012 has gotten whatever he wanted, and this situation is no different. Getting to spend an extra night in Harden’s favorite road cities, excused absences from Rockets practice after the all-star break, Harden had it MADE in Houston. Not to mention all of their on-court moves revolved around him as well. Threatening to request a trade if the Rockets didnt trade for Russ is incredible. And the Rockets have no one to blame for this situation but themselves. You can’t let Harden always get his way and then not expect him to keep trying to get his way until he’s gone. And this last push by Harden is a total big brain move as he is tanking his trade value in hopes of potentially helping his future team give up less to acquire his services as he tries to win his first ring.

We’ve now reached a point where Harden is acting like George Costanza trying to get fired by the Yankees.

Harden will be gone, it’s only a matter of where and when. And quite frankly I think it’s rather simple. It depends on what the teams involved in trade talks are willing to part with.

  • Sixers have the trump card, if they are willing to part with Ben Simmons, Thybulle and a pick or two I think no one can top that
  • Celtics: Jaylen Brown is probably the second best asset the Rockets could get for Harden so if he’s on the table this would be the second most likely landing spot
  • Nuggets: The Rockets like MPJ so I would think that if let’s say MPJ and like Monte Morris are on the table then Harden would be a Rocket
  • Heat: If the Heat offer up Herro and Robinson they would probably end up with Harden assuming the three teams listed above don’t offer up their top assets
  • Nets: (Dinwiddle, Levert, Allen) This is probably the least likely landing spot given their offer would pale in comparison to whatever the other teams could offer up. This is probably the end all be all if no one else is aggressive in the James Harden sweepstakes And quite frankly after watching the Nets last night, I might need to think twice about making a major splash.

Regardless of what happens, props to James Harden for controlling the situation and making sure that he is going to get his way and have complete control over what happens in his career.

And boy oh boy do I hope it’s Miami

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