It’s the most wonderful time of the year. After almost two years without the best playoffs in all of sports we have it back.

Everyone fills out brackets and in most cases, the people who usually win the pools are those people who don’t follow basketball at all they just join in the office or family pools for fun! And pick based on the mascots, team colors, or the fact that their dentist’s daughter’s boyfriend went to a school. SHUT UP KAREN NO ONE CARES THAT YOU PICKED NORTH CAROLINA BECAUSE OF THEIR COLORS!!! Regardless, it’s a fun time for everyone and the few days leading up to the first set of games is all about discussing with your friends, family, classmates, and coworkers about who your cinderella is and who you have winning it all. And I for one always fill out at least half a dozen brackets to be that guy and say “I had that in my other bracket”. Then about eight tournaments ago I had the genius idea to fill out a bracket based on flipping a coin.

The coin flip brackets have come up with all different outcomes over the years and one year I even saw a 1 seed win it all. Sure, it was Virginia in 2018 and they lost to 16 seed UMBC. So maybe it is for the best for a 1 seed to not win it all with a handful of flips of a coin going their way.

The rules are simple: 1 flip per matchup. According to the bracket, the top team is heads, and the bottom team is tails. I use one quarter for the entirety of the bracket and it is what it is no redos haha

2021 NCAA bracket: Printable March Madness bracket .PDF |

Starting off in the West…

It did not take long for our first upset as Gonzaga lost in the first round to a 16 seed. The 16 seed of App State/Norfolk State had their cinderella run end in the elite eight to 2011 final four participant VCU. When looking at this I like the idea of Creighton bouncing back from their dud in the Big East final to make it to the sweet sixteen so thank you coin for putting that idea into my head.

Onto the East…

Once again the 16 seed came out HOT! And this time the winner of the Mount Saint Mary’s/Texas Southern game made it all the way out of the East region. A familiar face made it all the way to the elite eight as UConn continued their tournament magic, but fell short. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the winner of Michigan State/UCLA in the sweet sixteen either so good looks coin. Little nugget, UConn has only been a 7 seed once before, and that year they won the national championship. So just like every other March watch out for those Huskies.

And now the South region…

This is getting out of hand… Another 1-16 upset!?! However, outside of Hartford making a run I could see a lot of this happening. Crazier things have happened and both Texas Tech and Purdue have elite eight potential in my opinion. Colgate could be a sleeper if you feel the itch to pick a 3-14 upset (both teams are also top 10 in scoring so it’ll be a fast-paced game) and Winthrop seems like they are one of the favorite picks for a potential 5-12 upset. I really do mess with Texas Tech making it out tho. If they can somehow make it to the elite eight and are matched up against a team like Baylor you never know. And it’s hard to be a team three times so I might just put my money on Tech in that case.

And finally the Midwest

It happened. All four 1 seeds gone in the first round. I can confidently say that will not happen, but if you want madness there would be your madness. The Syracuse zone would be working overtime as they make it all the way out of the Midwest region. Personally, I might pick Syracuse to win a game MAYBE two, but a final four appearance would be unlikely. Then again they did make a run in 2016 so what do I know. And at least it’s more realistic than another 16 seed making it, sorry Drexel. Really confident in the West Virginia and Rutgers picks, but not really too confident in there being both a 5-12 and 4-13 upset, even though Oregon State is hot right now, and I feel like Liberty could do some damage.

On to the final four and championship game…

That’s right after a decade without a final four appearance VCU finally gets over the hump and makes it to the championship game. This time rather than playing Butler they face off against Mount Saint Mary’s/Texas Southern in what I could only imagine would be a game for the ages. On the other side, we get a Texas Tech/Syracuse matchup, which tbh would be pretty fun. Texas Tech makes it back to the national championship after falling short last time there was a tournament, and once again have to face off against a team from the Commonwealth of Virginia. In the championship game the Rams pull it out and make mid-majors everywhere proud.

Not sure if this would ever happen, but hey let’s go Rams!

If you want to watch the coin flipping enjoy..

Anyway, looks like I am a big VCU fan now. I do have a couple of VCU t-shirts ironically enough so I might mess around and rock them on their championship run…


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